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“I see my painting and my fighting as being one and the same: a struggle for existence.”

In starkly beautiful drawings and vibrant canvases, Rick McCarthy captures the brutal poetry of ultimate fighting. A Hanshi (8th dan black belt) in Shotokan Karate, and a prize-winning competitor in Kumite (sparring), Mr. McCarthy has waged a 50-year struggle to endure as an artist with the same integrity he sees in the fighters he portrays.

Now, Mr. McCarthy and his fighters are the subjects of the documentary film Rick McCarthy: Martial Artist, produced in 2009 by Stratford’s Relax Your Shoulders Productions and Toronto’s Code Film. The film brings to light Mr. McCarthy’s multi-layered battle to control his personal demons, to maintain his inner strength and to reflect “a metaphor on the society in which we live”.

For more information about Rick McCarthy: Martial Artist, contact Thomes Rickert.